Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Birthday: Start the Year with a Challenge

Today is my 30th Birthday.
A milestone that according to pop culture means that I should either be ranting about my biological clock and melting down because I'm no longer a 20-something.
Neither is happening.

I am thrilled to be 30 - I made it huzzah!  Actually, I'm just excited to run around saying it's my birthday, like a little kid waiting to get home to presents.

In light of this milestone birthday, I am setting goals for the next year.  This idea of goal setting is based on the promise I made my son last week because he deserves to have a mom who keeps promises.

Goal #1: Run the Ghosts-N-Goblins 5k with my son October 2017. 
This is a 5-K run/walk hosted in my town.  I ran it the first year they had it as a birthday present to myself 2 years ago.  Since then, life has changed and I slacked.  So, I need to get running again.  With the new fitness reimbursement from my job, the gym will be paid for in full - which translates to 0 excuses.
 - To Meet Goal #1:
   - Run 2-3 x per week 15-30 minutes
   - Strength Train 2 x per week 15-30 minutes

Goal #2: Drop the pants!  Right now, I am a size 18, let's aim reasonable to a size 16...and aim even higher to 14.
In a perfect world, I'd like to lose around 100lbs.  This is not a small amount and will take a lot of effort in a number of ways.  But I also realize that the number isn't always the key thing.  This is why I want to focus on pant size.  I'll be eyeballing the weight but I'd like a positive reason to get clothes for my birthday next year.
 - To Meet Goal #2:
   - Follow Steps in Goal #1
   - Experiment and clean-up diet

This is where I'm at for now.  Coming into today with a plan for tomorrow.
Over the next week, the steps I will be taking for meeting these goals: Establish a strength training regime (nothing worse than wandering aimlessly) and write it down, get those details; Find 2 new recipes that I haven't made before.

Signing up for the gym has to wait until my next payday, which is why it isn't on here yet.