Thursday, May 15, 2014

Young at Heart

Recently, I've been assessing what it means to be an adult and a woman in her late 20's.

My assessment for the first is this: Being an adult is understanding your responsibilities and accomplishing them to the best of your capabilities.

For the second: I have no freaking clue.

For some reason I was pondering my age and it occurred to me that I don't feel 27. Or maybe this is exactly what 27 is supposed to feel like?  I don't identify myself like a teenager - I'm like way too like old for like that.  I identify myself as an adult but, maybe I'm just comfortable in me, since I'm not having any of those "OMG, 30 is coming soon" feelings (which apparently females start suffering from at this point).

My friend Ryan and I use the playground to workout on.  I'm as excited as my son for Zoos and the various adventures we take on weekends.  I truly enjoy going to see a kids movie or watching the "Saturday Cartoon" style shows with my son.  I don't remember the last movie I saw in theaters that was rated PG-13 or higher.  But I saw Lego Movie, Frozen, and so many others.

Recently, I spent time with my best friend (we haven't seen much of each other lately).  We had dinner and spent a lot of time talking - some of it while driving aimlessly around the area where the restaurant was located.  My daughter was with us but it was still like so many other nights she and I have spent hanging out when we were teens.

I am an adult.  I work a full time job outside and inside the home.  I pay bills, cook family meals, pack lunches, raise children, and maintain a happy marriage.

I am also young at heart and in spirit I guess.

I believe there is nothing wrong with playing on the floor with Legos or on a playground.  With or without kids.

Maybe that's one of the many keys to life - having fun like a kid (all excitement and energy).