Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why I Want To Be Captain America

Let's start simply - as anyone who reads this can probably figure out, I'm trying to better myself.  This is primarily blossoming in a fitness manner at the moment.
As part of this figuring myself out journey I found Nerd Fitness.  I will admit, I adore Steve - the creator.  I enjoy reading the site and have been trying to involve myself on the forums.  Typically on forums, I'm a lurker not a participant.  So participating is a big deal to me and I'm trying to get to a regular posting schedule.
Today, a bit late to the party, I read one of his articles, "Don't Escape, Get Inspired" (Link: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2014/10/02/dont-escape-get-inspired).  Also, watching the video is a big plus.
I don't know why but this particular article hit me just right.
So now, I want to be Cap.
But, why Captain America?
Steve Rogers (the guy under the mask) believes in doing what's right - even in the face of extreme adversity.  He doesn't compromise and the means do not always justify the ends.  In a comic book my son owns with Captain America in it, there is a scene where Cap is given the chance to murder a bad guy in order to save the day.  The other good guys (not avengers in this case, aliens) are basically urging him to do it because they see no other options.  Captain America lowers his stance and says "Doing the wrong thing, even for the right reasons, is still wrong."  That line is one part to why I like him.
Other points about Captain America, he is the fighter, the defender, the rally point, the leader.  Everybody looks to Cap for guidance, including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk.  The one guy that is still basically just a person is looked up to by a technological genius, a god, and all the confounding things Hulk is.
Cap also admits his faults.  He has no problem with admitting if he doesn't know something or isn't the best choice for something.
He is also highly adaptable.
I watch Super Hero shows with my son.  Anything with the Avengers in it and Captain America (even when in parody, like Super Hero Squad Show) is still a cornerstone, even when the spotlight isn't on him. 
He doesn't just talk though.  He leads by example.  Captain America was labeled a traitor at one point due to the Skrull invasion (nasty shape shifting aliens used Captain America's personality to further their purposes).  While the world reacts to him with anger and hatred, he carries on doing what he has always done.  He stands for what is right, fights injustice, and ignores that anger directed at him as best he can.
So, yeah, I want to be Captain America.
I think that's a valuable goal.

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