Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 6, 7, & 8: Progress, Taxes, Vacation

Okay, so I slacked a bit a missed two weeks.  Mostly due to prepping for my vacation (week 6) and said vacation (week 7).  Sad excuses but rather than create two backdated posts, I figured I'd just do a combined one.

The week of February 9th, was spent at work grinding through things and cleaning off my desk so I wouldn't be leaving any work unfinished.  Which basically meant far more paperwork and filing than is tolerable, while having a limited attention span.

Outside of work, the custom workout really came into play and was a lot of fine.  All this strength training is awesome.  This week I actually made my excel sheet even easier to manipulate by adding drop-down menus for each area, loaded with the appropriate exercises.  Now, switching up everything will be easier.

For trying something new, Ryan and I went to a local Indian place that has a lunch buffet.  Great for trying new foods without worrying too much over hating them.

The week of February 16th, was vacation week.  It was awesome.  For perspective, I have not had an actual vacation for almost seven years (when I was pregnant with my son).  Yeah.  My husband also had the week off.  After the holiday on Monday, the kids went to daycare and he and I stayed home.  We had no plans, no running around, just stay home and relax.  I wound up cleaning the bathroom, rearranging the living room, and getting the oil changed in the car.  But I also got to relax without worrying about the kids, had dinner with the husband, got a haircut, and bought a cookbook.

On of the best moments though was taking the kids to see the movie Frozen.  It was playing a our local dinner theater, which is also a second showing type theater, so we had dinner and a movie for under $30.  My son and I loved the movie.  Baby Girl was perfectly behaved.  She did start to fuss a little so the last 15-20 minutes of the movie had me standing in the aisle rocking her until she fell asleep.  This is why we picked seats to the side and in the back.
It was a great night.

Saturday mornings have also become busy again with indoor soccer. Right now, they play in the middle school gym and focus on ball technique.  The kids slide across the floor, with plenty of face plants, but they all have so much fun.  The little guy has an absolute blast.  I am loving that he is running around.

Winter has been really bitter and cold in New England this year.  So any activities to burn energy are a plus in my book.

This week, Ryan and I tried doing assisted pull-ups.  The gym has one.  Let's just say it didn't assist as much as he and I would have liked.  I think I got one.  He got like 3.  But hey - maybe next week I can get 2.

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