Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 5: Building Workouts and Trying New Things

Alright, so the beginning of this week, I had the attention span of a goldfish.  I was so easily distracted.  Mostly because I had a lot of energy that did not want to be focused on my desk job.  I was so excited about building a workout and re-integrating deadlifts.

I finished my multiple choice spreadsheet put together some exercises and totally wiped the floor with me and Ryan.  It was awesome.  What's fun for me is the feeling of success every time I walk out of the gym.  Push-ups are continually getting easier, so I'm pondering moving up to full body ones soon-ish.  I can do a full body push-up but like 3 of them.  So that's my next step with that goal.  I can feel myself getting stronger because I do better every time.

This custom workout I'm playing with is also changing every three workouts.  It'll constantly evolve as Ryan and I improve - yes, he does get some say in things (I don't totally blindside him).

Additionally, as a personal goal, I'm aiming to try at least 1 new food every week.  So far so good.
Last week I ate jalapeños for the first time (a little too much kick for every day consumption but not bad).  This week, I went to a local Indian restaurant for lunch.  They do a lunch buffet, so I was able to try a couple new things without feeling wasteful.

I've also come to hate cooking with thin chicken breasts - those things dry out too fast.  Maybe if I buy again I'll just use them in a stir-fry.

Today, is a day of preparation for tomorrow.  Tomorrow, barring another heinous snow storm, I have a busy day with BB.  It is the first day of indoor soccer, which we are both excited about (he so needs to burn off energy).  Then the afternoon is a birthday party for one of his friends.

Now, kids birthday parties can be lots of fun for kids and adults or just fun for the kids and awkward social hour for the parents (depending on who's invited).  Either way, that's fine.  As long as Big Brother has fun with his friends, I'll cope.

For this particular party we are going to a gymnastics place. Naturally there is a liability waiver.  Me, being me, I read over that stuff before I sign it - every time.  Doesn't matter what it's for, if you want me to sign something, I'm reading it.  And oh, boy am I glad I read the one for this place.  The waiver contained the typical, "You agree not to sue us for injuries" spiel.  Then at the end, the vary last sentence states that signing the waiver also gives the place permission to use photos and videos of you and your child in any of their promotional material (newsletters, brochures, website).
I barely allow my son's school permission to use his photos.  Why the hell would I want to allow these people to use them?
The worst part - they don't have any alternate waivers.  So I either get to tell my son he can't go to a party that he's been looking forward to or deal with it.  I'll most likely bite the bullet on this one.
I called them about it, the girl seemed uncomfortable dealing with my question - most likely she doesn't get phone calls like mine very often.  She put me on hold when I ask for an alternative waiver, then came back and said "it's the standard waiver" and couldn't do anything.  Her only additional statement was "we don't have photographers". Oi.

That's life I suppose.

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