Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week 4: Feel the Power...a little

I found out last week that I won a raffle from one of my vendors - that was exciting.  I won a high heeled shoe tape dispenser in pink.  Not quite my style but still cool to know I won something.  The sales rep came into the office on Monday to drop it off and we had an impromptu meeting.
For the record - he is one of my favorite sales reps to work with.  So meetings with him are always fun.  I didn't keep the dispenser, since I'd recently bought one for my desk but instead gave to a coworkers daughter.  It apparently made her day - which I was very happy to hear.

Tuesday was my cousin's birthday.  Now she and I are best friends too, so I wanted to get her something this year.  I had a box of chocolate covered strawberries and apples, from Edible Arrangements, delivered to her.  Wednesday, I got a message, all in caps, about how much she loved them.  That totally made my day.  I love it when she gets excited over things.  We are both the same way - big giggle-y squee-ing kids when we are happy and excited.  It's goofy but that's us.

Now onto the workout stuff.
More Angry Birds this week and I became super excited about it.  I went to do the 40 push-ups and could feel the difference.  The push-ups were easier this week, still took too many sets than my goal but I improved.  At the moment, my push-ups are knee push-ups.  My goal is to be comfortable going back to full body.  I hurt my back a few years ago and full body push-ups used to hurt because of it.  My back is in better condition (though my pregnancy didn't help), so I'm working back up to that point.
Ryan and I both showed improvements in all areas.  Though now I'm looking at creating a new program.  The Angry Birds Workout is fun and kind of got me back to feeling comfortable in what I was doing.  The feeling of comfort makes me want to branch out some more.  (Comfort in this case does not mean easy - just familiar)
Using the excel sheet that ABW came with, I'm going to modify it a bit to adapt different exercises and provide options for swapping some in and out.  I'm geeking out a little, kind of like "ooo, maybe I can do X!" 
Also fun to note - the squats didn't murder my thighs day after.

On the work side of things, work has been a little dull, making the days long.
However, at home everything is going really well.
Life is fun like that.

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