Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 3: Angry Bird Attack

Last week, Ryan and I did the Angry Bird Workout from Nerd Fitness (I love that site).  It was a lot of fun and made me feel focused.
Part of what makes the ABW so much fun is that there are 6 levels. So every time you do the exercises you are trying to meet goals that will "Level Up" your exercise.  I'm a nerd - leveling up is awesome.

That's actually what makes Nerd Fitness resonant with me.  The idea is to "Level Up Your Life".  The creator of NF, also lives he life this way.  He has a checklist of things he wants to do, and each one helps him level up.  He practices what he preaches and he researches what he talks about.  Being that I am personally a research junkie, I appreciate that aspect.  I am also a gamer, so having someone explain healthy lifestyle through experience points (XP), makes it that much more fun.
After all, if life's a game, wouldn't you want to be the Warrior? Or Ranger?
So Yeah, I'm having fun.

Anyway - after day one of ABW, both Ryan and I leveled up on 2 of the exercises.  Tonight we are hitting the gym again and trying to improve our numbers.  Tuesday was bust courtesy of snow and him being swamped by a work project.  Ryan did his workout on Tuesday night at home. 

That's it for the moment...

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