Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2: A Good Start

So, last week ended on a high note.

In Couch to 5K (C5K), I did days 1 and 2 with my buddy Ryan.
Overall a total of 25 minutes my distances were:
01/07: 1.49 miles
01/09: 1.53 miles

I'm having fun with this running program since it eases into running for a full 30 minutes over the course of 9 weeks.  It'll probably take me a bit longer to complete the training, since right now I'm only hitting the gym twice a week.  But as long as each run gets better and my total distance continues to improve, I'm okay with that.

I know every one says 3-5 days a week.  However, I am still working on the best ways to cement my morning routine and with two kids plus myself to get ready and out the door, it may take me a while longer (which is why that is part of my goals).

Tomorrow, we hit the gym again and I am excited for it!  I'll be honest, I always liked going to the gym - even in high school. 
I signed myself up over at Nerd Fitness last week.  I spent a good week and a half lurking through the website before signing up.  I like how it works.  And I am instituting the Angry Bird Workout tomorrow.
Yes - it is called the Angry Bird Workout. 

Ryan is along for the ride, so he let's me mix things up a bit without complaint.  He is also looking forward to it too.

Additionally, Baby Girl hit 4 months old last week too.  A healthy growing little girl with lots of smiles.  Big Brother is also being an awesome helper.
Melissa and Doug have a magnetic chore chart that my husband and I bought years ago (mostly for us to have reminders) and BB found it recently.  He looks forward to getting his smiley faces for doing chores, which means he's been helping out mommy a lot. 

Now, I just need to finish getting my apartment back in order after the flood (living room is done, kitchen is almost there).

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